Photo: Andrew Wright

Photo: Andrew Wright

First we listen: to understand your brand, audiences and goals. 

With Organizing for Change, a coalition of environmental groups in British Columbia, this helped define and target its two very distinct audiences: local citizen activists and provincial government decision-makers.    

Second we read, ask more questions and listen again.

For the CIHR-Canadian HIV Trials Network, this revealed the relative importance of sponsor recommendations, a key to editing its renewal grant proposal, worth $4.5 million/year, 2014-2019. 

Then we propose: plans to meet your needs – and revise, until we hit the bulls-eye...  

Revisions, and use of a game, in our facilitation of a workshop for directors of 12 of Canada's leading environmental groups, led to a surprising agreement on shared messaging for the 2015 federal election.  

...And pay attention to details: tone, language, chains of approval, critical paths, etc.

Knowing chains of approval (and travel plans of key sources), was essential to our completion, on time, of a comprehensive, 200-page Q&A about HIV for spokespeople at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

See Clients for more on our campaigns and contracts.

James is one of the sharpest strategic writers I've ever worked with, and a fantastic media-trainer.

Suzanne Hawkes
Management Consultant at Convergence Strategies